Carefree Consulting & Catering

At Carefree Consulting and Catering, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional catering services for a wide range of events. From intimate gatherings to large corporate functions, we have you covered.

Our Consulting Services

Menu Development

Our talented chefs will help you create a customized menu tailored to your restaurants specific needs and preferences. From appetizers to desserts, we ensure a culinary experience to remember.

Restaurant Operations

With over 90 combined years of experience operating dozens of restaurants we will provide cost effective recommendations for your business. Our solutions are practical, immediately actionable and measurably effective. From management/employee training to menu design and costing. There is nothing operationally we cannot help you adjust and improve

Restaurant Openings

From our initial meetings to discuss concept and menu to the final operational details and your Grand Opening, Carefree Consulting will be with you every step of the way.  How long we stay on to help is up to you!  

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